Verifying Bitcoin Signed Messages

Some people, including Anonymixer, create messages (i.e. Letters of Guarantee) that are "Digitally Signed" by a Bitcoin Private Key.

Digitally Signed Bitcoin Messages consist of 3 parts

  1. The message content itself, i.e. a Letter of Guarantee
  2. A Bitcoin Address: The person who wrote the message owns the address
  3. A Signature: Cryptographic proof that the owner of the Bitcoin Address, wrote the Message

A Signature which validates successfully is unequivocal proof that the owner of the Bitcoin Address created the message and that the message has not been tampered with, in any way.

👆 IMPORTANT: Anonymixer digitally signs messages with the private key of the Bitcoin Address 1AnonyMix35XkzRusC7FAzwi9KKggnyg5b.

You can verify Bitcoin Signed Messages with popular offline software such as the Electrum Wallet and Bitcoin Core, but there are also many free online tools that you can use to verify a message's authenticity, such as:

Screenshot of Verifying an Anonymixer Signed Message
Fig. 1 - Screenshot of verifying an Anonymixer Signed Message

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